VISION-X MK6 High resolution digital camera

The Vision-X MK6 is designed to work with high resolution digitals cameras.


MK6 xray vision Laptop Notebook computer specifications (minimal):TFT 15,4″ 1280 x 800

L: 359, H:35, P:265 mm

Intel Core 2 Duo T5750/2 X 2.00 Ghz/2 MB/FSB 667 Mhz

3GB de RAM DDR2 667 Mhz

160 GB minimum

DVD +/-R(W)

Graphic Processor ATI Radeon HD3400 – 512 MB

Wifi 802.11 AGN 10/100/1000 + Bluetooth

Wireless option


1 x VGA

2 x USB 2.0

Battery Li-Ion


  • Images storage limited by the size of the Hard disk.
  • Zoom in 5 areas of the image
  • Region Of Interest (ROI) ZOOM.
  • Pan Zoom.
  • An X-Ray exposure adjustable timer
  • Multilanguage operation
  • Tooltip texts to help the operator
  • Copy / paste an image from and to an external user or commercial program.
  • Easy access powerful image database with images parameters and operator comments.
  • Audible alert during X-ray activation

Image processing and Image enhancement:

  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Image Polarity, Rotate, Zoom, sharpness, emboss, mirror.
  • Sharpness
  • Shading correction
  • Filters: low, median, maximum, smooth, sobels, laplacian
  • Edges detections
  • Equalize histogram: Full image, ROI, Sliced ,colored
  • Restore Original Image Functions

Main specialized functions to treat and analyse the image:

BinOtsu: Binarize the image using an automatically computed threshold.

ColorOtsu: Color the image in four different colors according to the gray level of the pixels. The four levels are obtained by applying recursively an Ostu procedure.

CorrectShading: Correct non uniform illumination of the scene.

EqualizeHisto: Equalize the histogram so it appears to be flat.

InverseGrayLevel: inverse the polarity of the image.

SaveImage: Save the source image into the destination image. If the extension of the destination file name is not the same as the source, the image is converted to the format corresponding to the new extension. The supported extensions are .tiff .jpeg .jpg .gif and .bmp

Sobel: the Sobel operators combine Gaussian smoothing and differentiation

Smooth: Smooth the image using a Gaussian kernel undistortAndCrop

Geometric correction: Correct radial deformation of the image due to the camera lens.

UndistortAndCrop: Correct radial deformation of the image due to the camera lens.

MK6 X-Ray Camera Boxes:

  • MK6S 10 bits Digital 1392 x 1024 pixels 180 ?m resolution soon available
  • MK6M 10 bits Digital 1392 x 1024 pixels 266 ?m resolution
  • MK6L 10 bits Digital 1392 x 1024 pixels 323 ?m resolution
  • 80 meters connecting cables to the Operator control PC
  • Option: 300 meters Optical cable

Vision Xray detector boxes